Personal Concierge

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We are a full-service lifestyle management company. IinFirm Concierge helps individuals live more effectively by freeing up their time for the things they enjoy the most! Whether that’s family time or focusing on wellness.

We cater to busy families, working professionals who care for loved ones, and patients who need an extra hand! Our niche is those who need more time and support in their lives while struggling to balance home, work, and medical treatment in the New Haven County area.

What we do

Support every step of the way

A personal concierge is someone who can efficiently manage your To-Do list. From running time-consuming errands to tidying your home and escorting you to medical appointments, a concierge has one focus in mind… YOU! Working with a company such as IinFirm Concierge, allows you to create an ongoing relationship with your very own “concierge” while still having the backup and resources of an ENTIRE TEAM! Together, we provide professional, reliable, confidential, and personalized services.


The perfect solution to your unique needs

An Expert in Helping People live their best life

We work with positive people who need more time and less stress in their life, BUT who are willing and OPEN to receiving support!  You see, not everyone is brave enough to ask for and ACCEPT help!

We like to recognize that each of our clients is unique and has unique needs. Our clients range from busy CEOs to single dads, single moms, business owners, busy families, and seniors. Some clients rely on our services weekly while others schedule their concierge once a month or only during high-demand times like during travel or over the holidays.

The beauty of our business model is that we are here for you when you need us!


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